Taking Care of the Consumer

Product Development & Design with Technical Support

ACI doesn’t always go down “proven paths”, but also helps customers navigate in unfamiliar territory. We routinely develop and manufacture products that have never been made in the history of the world. The company actively seeks projects that will be mutually beneficial both for ACI and its customer or partner over the long term.

ACI utilizes its strong Materials Science and Engineering technology to develop and design new products in collaboration with customers. This collaboration is the key as it unlocks the true need or application so that ACI can provide the design to achieve the desired results. By partnering with the ACI Tool & Die shop, new designs and products can be made with the engineering inputs.

ACI offers technical support with all of its products and in support of its customers. Customers use ACI as their ceramic experts going forward to achieve their goals.

Lab Testing

Applied Ceramics maintains two labs in both locations with dedicated staff and equipment to test products and materials. ACI also maintains many relationships with other external labs so that we can work together to offer superior testing information and service.

Contract Manufacturing & Private Labeling

ACI toll manufactures customer directed proprietary bodies and products for a broad range of applications, but can also assist in the development of new materials or products. In collaborating with customers, sometimes it makes more sense for ACI to manufacture products under a private labeling scenario to save time and money. Other times, it can be less expensive to utilize ACI’s equipment or technology to handle capacity constraints at customer’s facilities.