Support for Woodstove Manufacturers

  • ISO Certified Woodstove Test Lab
  • World Class Product Development & Testing
  • Ceramic and Metal Monolith combustors available
  • Full Service Platform with Superior Product Development
  • Product Quality with a 6-year pro-rated Warranty


Variety of Shapes and Sizes or Honeycomb cell density or Materials

Test Lab & Custom Product Development Capability

  • Product Development to Support Stove Optimization
  • On-site laboratory to Test Wood Burning Stoves to ASTM standards
  • Optimize Stove Combustor Performance to Meet and Exceed Emission Standards
  • Customer Support to Optimize Combustor Value
  • Sample combustor preparation

Technical Support


Why Applied Ceramics?

  • ACI is the only manufacturer continuously offering catalyst products since 1981
  • Worldwide leader in supplying catalytic combustors for Hearth Products worldwide
  • ACI is the only OEM domestic supplier.


Reliable Quality backed by a 6-year warranty

Ceramic Monolith: 1-3years Full replacement value; 4-6 years Prorated replacement value

Metal Monolith: years 1-2 Full replacement value; years 3-6 Prorated replacement value

  • We maintain replacement catalyst for every EPA certified woodstove going back to 1981.
  • One click will take you to our dedicated wood stove replacement or warranty site where you can contact us.