Kiln Furniture

At Applied Ceramics, we manufacture world class ceramic kiln furniture for various global industries. High alumina saggers are one type of kiln furniture used in various firing applications across these industries. We excel in producing alumina saggers designed for our customers’ applications, environments and desired characteristics such as thermal shock or slump resistance.

Saggers | Setters | Plates and Shapes

Many are available in various ceramic compositions, depending on the product application. We can recommend a composition to meet any desired need. Typical composition materials are alumina, mullite and zirconia, but proprietary formulations developed for specific customer applications are also available.


While many of our products are made to service existing markets and customers, we also develop new products that either do not currently exist or are not readily available. We are always committed to adding value for our customers by utilizing our technology and experience.

Tooling for hundreds of cast or pressed shapes is available to decrease delivery times and maintain high quality standards. Depending on the customer requirement, Applied Ceramics can produce the best solution for each customer’s application.


Applied Ceramics is uniquely equipped to provide a broad range of specialty items to the ceramic or thermal processing industry. This list includes crucibles, honeycomb shapes, firing sand, grain, and other companion products.

Forming Processes

  • Cast: Techniques employed include Vibra / thixotropic, drain, and solid casting.
  • Press: Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, extrusion, and injection presses are used.

Raw Materials

  • Alumina: Calcined, sintered, tabular, fused, etc
  • Mullite: Calcined, fused, etc.
  • Zircon
  • Zirconia: Calcia, magnesia, yttria and ceria stabilized
  • Others: Many proprietary or customer directed compositions
  • Specialties:
    • Grains: supply small quantities of alumina or zirconia grains
    • Ceramic coating
    • Grinding


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